Never Talk To The Media

Journalists write the hit job on you first, then request an interview which will take 3 hours just to get a few soundbytes from you that they need to fill in to the predetermined slots in their story. I’ve seen this in action with climate sceptics, or “climate deniers” as the journalists call us with their superdeveloped reasoning skills, being treated by German state media which is 100% warmunist, obviously – their job is to justify a 32 bn EUR wealth transfer from the poor to the rich a year. (And they *LOVE* every second of it)

More details about that from Vox Day. Vox recommends as only interaction with journalists to insist on written questions and written answers – which also has the benefit that they can’t bother you all day. Also they can’t use your answers for their hit job as they’ll be too well reasoned.

I’m becoming more of a Vox Day fan with every one of his Darkstream rants; maybe that’s why a blithering moron called me a “liker of White Supremacists”; as Vox Day has been slandered by the idiot press as such – and it’s the idiot press that our warmunist morons confuse with the truth. They are truly living in a journo-Bizarro world.


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