Islamisation Of Germany, Current Speed

A new datapoint. Currently (data from JAN and FEB 2017) 4,500 illegal immigrants per month filter into Germany via the open borders.

Source: German state broadcaster (German).

That would be 54,000 a year, plus 100,000 via “family reunion” flown in; resulting in 154k.

I’m too lazy to extrapolate the Muslim Majority Moment now; should now move a bit upwards to about 2090.

Noteworthy: Other data recently said we have 16,000 requests for asylum per month, which is a far higher number. The Muslims flown in for family reunification do NOT have to request asylum. They are automatically in for good, as far as I know.

An explanation for the discrepancy would be a backlog. We will have to watch how these numbers develop.

Also, this is no reason to trust the ruling parties SPD and CDU. After the election in September, they will feel free again to do whatever their true agenda is.

A government that refuses to secure the border and that even claims in public that securing the border is impossible condemns itself by its own words and actions and is either incompetent or treacherous. Nothing of this has changed.


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