Are Whites The Supreme Race?

Nope. For a simple reason:

Half of the white population are blithering SJW / progressive socialist morons. They are not only devoid of reason but work actively to destroy their own civilisation.

No other race suffers from this. Has it been caused by devolution? By the “enlightenment” (which is a great brand name)? Unknown and irrelevant.

The SJW morons drag the average down so much that whites cannot be the supreme race.

Could whites be the supreme race would they not produce SJW morons? Maybe. But that’s not the world we live in.

Therefore I am NOT a white supremacist. It would be an illogical position to take. I try to avoid that.

P.S.: For the logically challenged, the given reason does not exclude other reasons, like, other races actually being superior. Once we have discarded the claim though, it becomes unnecessary to look for such reasons, of course.


2 thoughts on “Are Whites The Supreme Race?”

  1. Given that there is only one race, Human, one should be able to say that morphologically distinct subgroups will have, at certain times and in certain situations, fewer adverse outcomes for specified conditions. What is illogical, particularly when the evidence is plainly in your face, would be to try to elide its truth via strawman and other kinds of fallacious argumentation.


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