Keep Your Eyes Open On German Rail Stations

Situational awareness is key. Two incidents: Two North Africans threw a guy on the tracks, then prevented him from getting back up. Operator of incoming train managed to stop in time, a few meters from the victim; then German state attorneys RELEASED THE PERPS the same day.


Christian Democratic Union’s (CDU) deputy head in the Landtag, Christian Piwarz, slammed the decision, asking how prosecutors had not taken into account the attempt to kill a man — a consideration he said would “make the charges stick”.

The CDU is of course the party who brought these North Africans here in the first place. The party considers itself to be a German pre-TRUMPish-pro-Neoconnish sort of GOP with a LOT of worshipping OBAMA and CLINTON sprinkled in, a pan-European, internationalist, globalist Open Borders-“Diversity Is Our Strength” Party. There are loads of awkward photos of OBAMA and MERKEL (CDU) giving each other socialist comrade kisses.

Second incident; last night I walked across Munich main station from my train to the underground when a small guy talked to me from the side. My normal reaction in a train station is ignoring and evading so I immediately turned away. In my experience such people

  • are panhandling junkie punks
  • want to distract me while another guy sifts through my luggage or pockets
  • are smelly homeless people wanting SOMETHING

and I wasn’t in the mood for that. But, it was a plaincloths police officer, a young boy. He wanted to check my ID card. Germans have to have ID cards. The Nazis introduced that and the post 1945 regime found it handy enough to keep it.

Police are everywhere currently after the Muslim axe attack last week in Duesseldorf main station. They try desperately to awaken the impression that they are useful for something.

I guess they checked me to avoid impression of racial profiling. Check an old white dude here and there. Of course the drug peddlers and terrorists and pickpockets on our train stations are more or less dark skinned “refugees”. Our Lügenpresse already screams RACIAL PROFILING to protect the imported thugs. Why do journalists side with lawbreakers? Because they want laws to be broken.

Don’t ever give a MSM journalist any money. They need to become unemployed. It is crucial. Their vision of the future is a boot that stamps in your face every day for the rest of your life. That’s why they went to journalism schools – the nesting ground of cultural marxists.

Oh and when standing on a platform in Germany, just expect that someone non-German looking jumps you to throw you in front of an incoming train. Happens in Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, everywhere. Easy to avoid, just expect it to happen.

This just in. Wuppertal millionaire art sponsor couple Enno Springmann and wife found murdered in their mansion. German source. Wuppertal is tribal area. I call it German Balochistan. Home of the Shariah police (which is legal according to local judges). Also, too rainy.



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