How The New York Times Faked Increased Traffic Post Trump Inauguration

to lend false credence to their claims of Trump-Russian conspiracy. This is how you do it kids.

And it was the Guardian too. SPIEGEL I didn’t check but usually those three papers are the CIA imperial axis of the Maritime Empire a.k.a. the US Deep State and work in tandem to brainwash the inhabitants of the Empire’s core.

So what you wanna do is you wanna bump up your Alexa rating. Vox Day found out how to do it. Alexa measures what people look at WHO INSTALL THEIR TOOLBAR. All you gotta do is hire a bunch of Chinese people and they’ll click at your website and you’re done. New York Times boasted how the Trump election led to an increase in their traffic. And had the Alexa data to show for it! Unfortunately for them zerohedge found out that all that new traffic came FROM CHINA. At which point the CIA media outlets stopped the bullshit and what you see now in Alexa is a BUMP and a return below their previous low.

Just look at it.

So much for Alexa ratings. As fake as Fake News by the NYT.

Vox mentions it here.

The experiment that Vox started at beginning of March to bump up his own blog is also clearly visible at Alexa already: voxday at alexa



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