Why Leftism Sucks

Because They Want To Rule You.

Why do they want to rule you?

So they can take your resources. Excuses given are: It’s for the chilren, we gotta save the planet, we gotta help that guy over there etc.

What is the VALUE of living in leftist utopia? Why don’t they just form a leftist community and invite volunteers?

Because there would be none. Living in a leftist utopia has a NEGATIVE value.

That’s the reason that you see that leftism is complete once your government stops you from leaving the country: USSR, DDR, Kuba, Venezuela, North Korea,….. and on and on.

Were their attempts at voluntary Leftist utopias: Yes:

Owen’s New Harmony

And of course,

the MayFlower

They dissolved, ended in famine or reversed course to a traditional private property-based society.

Of course this explains that Leftists want a world government: so that an escape from exploitation by them is no longer possible. We would create underground economies  though. As happened in the USSR (and still exists in the form of the Garaschniki.)

Another word. Resources are always limited. They need to be priced to balance supply and demand. In a private property based society we price them with money.

A leftist utopia has no concept of money. Resources must then be allocated by favors. In other words: You get resources when the Comrade Distributor likes you. Somebody said, a capitalist society rewards with money. A leftist utopia cannot reward. But it can punish. So it organizes itself by punishment.

Leftists currently salivate over the post-scarcity robot society where there will be free resources for all. This is idiocy. Leftists think that robots maintain, repair and improve themselves while not understanding ONE BIT of the technological processes, specifically all development processes. Which are ALWAYS demand-driven.

I include leftist engineers in this judgment: They are perfectly incapable of understanding the economic framework in which they operate, and generally love to over-engineer anything not understanding that development must PRIORITIZE ESSENTIAL FEATURES or be worthless.




3 thoughts on “Why Leftism Sucks”

  1. Even more to the point, per J. Simon and others, resources are things that reside in the minds of producers. No demand, no supply. Thus, there will never, ever be a lack of resources, but there may be a lack of brains to see the uses and make it happen.


    1. He correctly describes the brainwashing. The result is an overworked individual with blind loyalty to the collective (the company) and a fickle value system full of internal contradictions. I am very careful when talking to them, because I can easily a) trigger them b) cause them to burn out. No joke. In the latter case I get fired because the boss needs to preserve his long term slave. Now, it’s not difficult to be careful; I just consider myself the nurse in a psych ward and they’re very easy to handle. Yes, recognizing bits of the truth DOES shut them down in a fireworks of short circuiting.


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