1177 BC: Cataclysmic Collapse Of Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age Empires

Dr. Eric Cline. Video lecture 1:10 length. Egypt, Canaan, Greece, Hittites, Crete, Cyprus, Assyria: All collapsed at the same time. Probable causes:

  • Global Cooling. As we know every 1000 to 1500 years there’s a DO event leading to a cooling, leading to reduced precipitation and collapsing agricultural yield, finishing off agricultural civilisations – who can only be maintained as long as you get 3 calories out for each calory you invest. Previous warm time leads to population growth, and according collapse once yields drop. Examples: End of Roman Warm time, end of Medieval warm time. Warmunists claim that Global Warming will kill us; all extinguished empires disagree: It’s the cooling that does it.
  • Earthquake series. The collapsed Eastern mediterranean empires all sat on fault lines.
  • Invasion by the Sea Peoples (from Sicily, Sardinia)
  • Disruption of copper supply lines.
  • Piracy.
  • A combination of all of the above.

An early end to a historic phase of “Globalism”. The mediterranean with its mostly calm seas was a giant trading hub: A highway. It later became the same again first for the Greek empire colonizing all of the coasts, and then for the Roman Empire; until Islamic piracy mostly destroyed this function for a thousand years with the exception of Venetian white slave trade to the islamic world. Until the battle of Lepanto.


One thought on “1177 BC: Cataclysmic Collapse Of Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age Empires”

  1. Thanks, very nice video!
    I knew some parts of what he is talking about, but it is nicely put together with additional clarification & evidence.


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