Rapists In Hamburg Lure Women By Crying For Help

Hamburg, heavily islamized (and I mean *HEAVILY*) German copy of liberal sh*thole NYC, is shocked, shocked that in a new trend, rapists cry out for help hiding in some bushes then ambush any idiot white woman coming to help the assumed victim.

Let’s see, ambush, deception, what Sura does that remind me of, yeah right that would be something like Sura 9 Verse 5.

3 cases for now. Hamburg police hasn’t a clue and given the sorry state of Hamburg they probably don’t care much for a boring old rape.

German source

That city is so over. I worked there 2009/2010 and it was bad, I visited for a concert in 2014 or so the last time and it was HORRIBLE. A very aggressive atmosphere, let’s put it that way. That was BEFORE they sprinkled asylum homes into all quarters of the city in 2015.

BTW all the pretty girls in Hamburg are imports from the ex DDR region of Brandenburg anyway and they all look like Marlene Dietrich or Nadja Auermann. Maybe I’ll visit just to save one of them. I do have a heart after all.

Or maybe just go directly to Brandenburg and skip that Hamburg trip.



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