Stupider Than Eurocrats: The Kryptonians

Alien Races too stupid to exist Part 3. Video. 10min well spent.

The title is misleading though; as I don’t think they are too stupid to exist. Probably they just have a completely crazy, unviable method of determining their leaders and decision-makers – like the EU. And usually there’s a reason behind that: Either someone gains a ton of power and money this way, or a degenerating elite has ONE thing ONLY figured out: How to cling to power while sinking to subhuman depravicy. It doesn’t subtract from the hilarity of the downfall though.

That’s why I enjoy news from the EU the same way someone else enjoys a Zombie movie.

(Beheaded 15 yr old girl found in old factory in Düsseldorf. AVOID THE TRIBAL AREA NORTHRHINE-WESTPHALIA, TOURISTS. We do. It’s ruled by Marxists and populated by Muslims.)


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