Current Data: Islamisation Of Germany: 300k a year.

The ruling parties SPD (Marxist-Globalist) and CDU (Globalist) continue to accept anyone who claims Asylum; so borders are non-existent. We have new numbers.

In JAN and FEB 2017, 37k persons have claimed Asylum. (German source: MMNews.)

At this speed we get 222k over the year. Also, as I’ve read elsewhere, 100k are flown in for “family reunification”, getting us to 322,000 per year. Most of them are Muslims, I assume 80% but I have no recent data per the ratio. As most come from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea (which is 50% Muslim), I think 80% is a safe guess.

I expect 30k deportations getting us to 292,000 net growth. Yes, that’s how few get deported. Doubtlessly most of them will try again and have a very good chance of staying here forever after the 2nd or 3rd try. Allegedly some leave voluntarily but those will be the Kosovo-Albanians for whom it is a simple bus trip. Until they return.

Violent Crime has doubled. From 2015 to 2016.

500,000 rejected Asylum seekers stay on and the SPD-CDU system plays a game of obstruction to do nothing about it. SPD and CDU are a dialectic. They are together in the government. They can’t agree on how to solve this problem? Well, that means it IS NOT A PROBLEM to them. And it isn’t. They are both Globalist and they want non-existent borders. That this can’t work is of no concern to them. They are sure the fix is in, people will fall for their dialectic games and the pollsters support them in their assumption. (about 30% approval for each of the two big Globalist gangs; enough to continue their SPD-CDU coalition. The smaller parties Greens, Die Linke and FDP are: GLOBALIST. So the Globalists got nearly all the bases covered. None of them wants borders.)

German system media are totally silent about this ongoing flood, sweeping the replacement of the Germans entirely under the rug to awaken the impression that “the problem is solved”. For the Globalist Journalists, again, it IS NOT A PROBLEM that the Germans are losing their country. Their only problem is how long they stay employed (not long. German MSM papers lose 7% circulation a year. The papers will soon be propped up with tax money. A prediction that has already come true in: Sweden, France, Austria. So, not a difficult one.)

I estimated Islamic majority in 2080 at a speed of 250k import a year so I have to shorten it a little now – by 20%. Now it’s 2065.

It’s getting earlier with each estimate. Of course, breakdown of society, no go areas, collapse of real estate values will happen catastrophically and locally. And more violent crime, mostly executed by knifes and blunt force with the occasional axe thrown in. Pun intended.


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