Dawkins Promotes Panspermia, Intelligent Design

Dawkins, the crackpot selling books with useless confabulations about Darwinian evolution and demigod of any atheist, promotes video game that pretends to show principles of Darwinian evolution but is a game about extraterrestrians CONTROLLING evolution. I can’t even; literally shaking. No I’m falling off my chair laughing.

BTW what is so crackpottish about Dawkins (even before he started to shill for Panspermia and extraterrestrial robot civilisations seeding and controlling life with this game)? Simple. His central claim to fame is The Selfish Gene. According to that idea, HUMANS ARE THE WORST LIFEFORM EVER. Think about it. Life started as bacteria or algae or something like that that MULTIPLIES EVERY 30 MINUTES.

Billions of years later life has managed to evolve into a form that MULTIPLIES AFTER 20 YEARS.

Great success right there for Darwinian evolution.

Can’t these evolutionists sit down and THINK for a moment? Guess they’re too busy collecting book royalties. Yeah, money counting, I know, it takes time….

Well anyway. We now know Dawkins is telling us: WE ARE THE CREATION OF ROBOTS. Take it to the bank, my little atheist buddies.


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