Savagery Strike Three, Axe Amuck Run In Duesseldorf Main Station

Just for completeness, this happened right after my last 2 posts, identity of perpetrator strictly protected so we can say with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that it’s a Muslim -had it been a German the CDU regime would trumpet it from the rooftops-; wounded 7, 3 of them gravely. It is of course a typical Jihadist attack.

Also, the regime brought out the “anti terror” police clowns by the hundreds.

Also, the story is “mentally disturbed guy”. This is the stereotypical bullshit that the MERKEL government spreads EACH TIME a Jihadist amuck run happens.

These are the sure indicators for Jihadism in MERKEL’s Germany.

TOURISTS! Avoid German metro systems! You can be attacked anywhere at any time!

zerohedge video, story

Axe attacks started in S-Bahn (metro train), then our Jihadist rampaged through the main station, finally crossing some tracks and jumping down a bridge breaking some of his bones.

The poor mentally disturbed man lives in Wuppertal, home of the infamous “SHARIAH POLICE”. Also Birthplace of best buddy of Marx, Friedrich Engels, one of the biggest idiots of human history. Extremely rainy place, 10 km south of the Neandertal. A SHITHOLE. Drive through it and marvel at the landscape, the town and the Schwebebahn but DON’T EXIT (Especially not if you don’t wear a raincoat. IT. ALWAYS. RAINS. THERE. The entire Atlantic comes down there).  Very islamized these days. I call it tribal area. Balochistan Germany. Maybe it’s the rain that drives all these people nuts.

BTW I don’t have any respect for the heavily militarized police assclowns anymore. Citizens are not allowed to carry guns to protect themselves and these fucking punks living on my tax money arrive once the action is over and stop everyone from going about their business. They kept people in the trains for one and a half hours while scrubbing the blood off the floor, well thanks a lot you useless pieces of shit. Anyone who obeys orders of MERKEL is a traitor anyway.

Globalism doesn’t work, the German police state doesn’t work, the EU doesn’t work and the fucking government needs to be locked into a cage. For a LOOOONG time.

P.S.: Jihadist seems to be a 37 yr old Kosovo Albanian who immigrated to Germany.

Source: Twitter


7 thoughts on “Savagery Strike Three, Axe Amuck Run In Duesseldorf Main Station”

  1. Speaking of Neanderthal but O/T:
    Look at the SJW title: “Neanderthals were vegetarian”
    When the report is about 2 groups, 1 vegetarian and another one not:
    Neanderthals from Belgium revealed a dramatically different diet that also included wooly rhinoceros and sheep
    but ok, it is interesting to see they had a very varied diet and were not mostly feeding on meat.

    Another very interesting point is the medical treatment they seem to have practised: “while also self-medicating with penicillin and a form of aspirin, according to a new analysis of dental calculus led by an international team”

    However they ended bad:
    In fact, the authors said that their evidence suggests that the duo was actually eaten by cannibals


    1. Some logical problems there. Like, that microbe lives near modern humans gums, they also found it in Neandertals – that does NOT imply both populations kissed.
      But as we already know they MATED, what exactly would even be surprising in them kissing?
      Next they’ll find some evidence that the homo sapiens sapiens female agreed to having sex. They are phantasists.


  2. When in German public transportation, practice situational awareness or risk getting an axe in the back of the head like THIS GUY.
    (photo of him in a hospital bed. Not graphic. The woman is his mother.)

    Reports of the Duesseldorf attack is rapidly vanishing from headlines already in germany.


  3. BTW the reason that previously peaceful Muslims suddenly run amuck is given by the Quran. ALLAH is the arbitrary decider about whether you go to hell or paradise. The only SURE way to get your ticket to paradise is murdering unbelievers or trying to.
    These late stage jihadists usually try to gain their ticket to paradise after a life of “sin” this way.
    This is all perfectly documented and admitted by Imams yet MERKEL and her CDU members constantly pretend it ain’t so.


  4. Everything unveils as expected, the perp is Fatmir H. so that’s a Muslim name
    One of the victims is a 13 yr old girl. For a Kuffar killer, it doesn’t matter what sex or age the murdered Kuffar has.
    German media did not report on the girl victim, this info comes from international media: I as a German must resort to international media because the Globalist media in Germany does not tell me what happens in my country.
    Journalists have gone from entirely useless to actively harmful and will be treated accordingly.
    Never give a German journalist a dime; but try to steal his lunch. If you don’t actively harm German journalists you are an accomplice.


  5. Stay strong, my friend, the world is changing around the globalists. It will probably get worse before it gets better, but, I believe it will get better.


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