Random Acid Attacks On Women In Berlin

The islamisation of the West brings a new crime: The random acid attack on women who don’t dress according to Islamic law. These attacks are not reported nationally. Currently a series of such attacks is ongoing in heavily islamized Berlin.

Five attacks with battery acid fired from a squirt gun so far, by a bicyclist of which we only get to know that he is male and of slender build.

German source

Tourists! Avoid Berlin! It’s an islamic SHITHOLE. You can get murdered on the Christmas market or you can get attacked by any of the imported Muslims.

Attacks will NOT be reported widely. Perpetrators will probably never be caught.

These attacks are known from Iran and Pakistan so I guess the perpetrator comes from there. He couldn’t get his hands on high concentration Sulfuric Acid so he used Battery Acid which is 39% sulfuric acid. Way more harmless. Wait til they figure out how to concentrate it. Victims were treated in hospitals, no big damage for now. I had battery acid on my hands, wash it off quickly and it just costs you a top skin layer. Use a lot of soap.

This kind of attak is of course designed to chase women from the streets as the Muslims are prone to do in the 60 countries they already conquered.

Expect German government to do NOTHING. Well they will import more Muslims. Currently, 800 a day. MERKEL repeats that we must take in MORE refugees.

Amazingly, her antigerman party CDU has still about 20% approval and the ally CSU another 10%. Of the 60% of voters who actually vote. If we can believe the pollsters.

HOW DO YOU FIND THESE UNDERREPORTED ATTACKS? Simple. Go to google news. Enter Acid, or Machete, or Chainsaw (Säure, Machete, Kettensäge in German); and you get the local news that report the attacks. They are never in national news except for really TERRIBLE cases.

I’ve been doing such random scans for at least three years now to get the picture of where and when happens what.

It’s getting worse all the time.



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