Globalist Movement Imports Savages To Europe: Savagery Begins

The Globalist Movement as represented by MERKEL, CLINTON, OBAMA, the rest of the Eurocrat crooks etc. wants all borders and nations erased – which is THE SAME position as the battlecry of the extreme left “AntiFa” “NO BORDERS NO NATIONS”. (Ain’t that funny. They’re ALL united in their quest for total annihilation of European culture. There’s literally NO difference between MERKEL and TROTZKY. a.k.a. Lev Tzvi Bronstein)

Now, with the millionfold import of Africans and Arabs to the EU by MERKEL, HOLLANDE, JUNCKER etc., we start to reap the reward: White Rhinos in French Zoo attacked, one shot and horn sawed off. Get used to it, Europeans! You voted these people into office; now they turn your continent into a third world battleground. The imported savages have not the littlest intention of obeying your laws: Because they get welfare for sitting around whether they do or not. And your jails are a luxury home to them. Also they would much rather prefer that THEIR laws were instated. That’s Globalism in a nutshell.


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