Ghost Of Michael Hastings Comes To Haunt The CIA

Hastings died in 2013 in a car explosion and fire. A Mercedes; a car not particularly prone to exploding on its own. Besides, NO investigation into the causes happened in German car industry. (Just like skyscraper builders saw no reason to change the way they build skyscrapers after 9/11.)

Now we know from wikileaks VAULT 7 that the CIA did investigate car hacking.

Hastings was investigating someone, maybe FBI, maybe WashDC-swamp-related? He told people he feared for his life and seemed paranoid.

Now here’s a new article with a photo of the wreck. Writer says it was a “high speed crash”. No it wasn’t . It was a residential area, the car hit a palm tree SO GENTLY that the tree just got a scratch. In a high speed crash, the ENTIRE FRONT of a modern Mercedes crumples and takes the impact energy. The passenger cell stays intact. It is reinforced. This is true for ALL German luxury limos. It is EXPECTED by the buyers. See how recognizable the overall shape of the car is? I have seen high speed crashes remains on German Autobahns in the middle of the night; remains of expensive Audis. Front and back of car get torn to shreds and the passenger cell remains intact in a sort of egg-shaped form to prevent crushing the passengers. That was in 2003! Since then, they probably got even better. You don’t see the wheels in the correct position after a high speed crash.

This car very gently rolled along – likely under CIA remote control, with an already dead Hastings in the driver seat, then an explosion in the motor room, then burning, then came to a rest at that palm tree.

At the time I read one estimate by an accident researcher estimating the speed at impact at the tree at 30 mph or less. No problem at all to survive with airbags in such a high end limo.

This is starting to get fun. The CIA will be purged. By Trump.

Tagged Globalism because the out-of-control CIA is a Globalist force.




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