Updates: Islamisation Of Canada, France, Germany

Several data points: Soros, Trudeau, France Civil War/Jihad, German White Flight.

Exhibit A): George Soros controls Trudeau’s Muslim immigration policy.

Exhibit B: France: In 1990, a French communist lawmaker introduced a censorship law to criminalize all distinction in media with regards to religion/ethnicity, and all criticism of Islam. That’s why the French press always calls the Jihadist riots “youth riots”. The result have been ever escalating civil wars, currently engulfing all major French cities. Tourism from China/Japan is collapsing rapidly. Paris used to be a must go destination for any Chinese/Japanese tourist visiting Europe. No more. I visited Paris a dozen times in the 1990ies – when the city centre was still safe. Now, the war from the outskirts rampages all through the centre. IT’S TOO LATE TO VISIT IT. DON’T. It was expensive and beautiful, now it is an expensive warzone.

zerohedge/Gatestone Institute

Exhibit C: Millionaires exit Western Europe and particularly France and Germany at a rapid rate. Up from a few 100 a year for Germany to 4000 last year. Destination Canada (good luck with Trudeau, see above), Australia, USA. (Also, when moving to Canada, for any non French speaker that’s just two cities: Vancouver and Toronto. Nobody rich moves to the places in between.) (Similar for Australia: Sidney and Melbourne.)

German source (oligarch media, globalist Bertelsmann magazine Stern)

Mentions Paris, Rome as top white flight source locations.

Another one from the same magazine

linking to their English (non-free) source

The 2017 Global Wealth Review (GWR): Worldwide Wealth and Wealth Migration Trends

I’ll stay in Germany for the time being for family reasons. I expect still relative stability over the coming years in the less heavily islamized areas – in which I am.

It will be interesting to watch the collapse in real estate prices in the hellhole capital cities of the EU: London, Paris, Rome. In Germany, Berlin has by now not managed to become ultra-expensive so the collapse of prices in Germany should affect Hamburg, Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart as the situation becomes more violent. Berlin is still rising in price but I think it will not even manage to become very expensive before collapsing again – being the drug and Arab mafia capital that it is. What kind of crazy millionaire would want to live there? Maybe some heavily gated enclaves in a warzone megalopolis. But, you can’t even MOVE AROUND in a car – traffic is a catastrophy. Maybe helicopters / Chinese personal drones.

We should go long Automated Flying “Cars”, and Security companies in Europe.




One thought on “Updates: Islamisation Of Canada, France, Germany”

  1. Sad.
    Recognition seems and important step.
    If folks in the EU are not allowed to speak about anyone in a negative way,
    some laws need to be changed.
    Only a faint awareness of the issues where we live; western North America.


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