Pizzagate Roundup Update

Claims in this video: Flynn was chased out of his job by Deep State intrigue because he investigated Pizzagate top suspects.

Noteworthy: a Hillary crony tweeted a farewell message saying “what goes round COMETs round”…

and more: Video hints at Andrew Breitbart, and Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings having been murdered for investigating Pizzagate years before the term Pizzagate was coined. Video snippet of Breitbart’s famous threat to Podesta. Photo of Hasting’s miraculously exploding Mercedes – which NEVER lead to any safety questions in the German car industry

(just like 9/11 NEVER lead to a change in skyscraper construction guidelines (we still put wooden tables and carpets in them even though the low temperature black smoke smoldering fire caused by burning furniture is now proven to weaken steel after 30 minutes. Even in nearby buildings (building 7) which collapse out of sympathy)).(And, steel skeletons actually DON’T transfer heat away in no time at all! That must be a shock to all welders.)

BTW the motor block of Hasting’s Mercedes flew a few hundred yards. Looks to me like a Semtex or C4 explosion. Car came to a standstill at a palm tree which suffered MINOR SCRATCHES.


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