1960ies Quality Engineering: The Lunar Lander

Bonus edition. Unprofessional analysis by a guy who clearly doesn’t know ANYTHING about real engineering of a high quality photo of the Lunar Lander! Taken on the moon!

Extremely funny commentary. I only know that the commentator is called Antonio something from one of the comments under the video.

Ignore the guy who talks about that non-rotating Earth in the other part of the video, he’s boring. What he criticizes could actually be sold as realistic given that the video is presumably taken from a thing in an orbit around the moon. Also small hint, something ELSE is wrong with that video: Earth is much too small (also on the famous moon photo of an astronaut with Earth in the background): Earth would have to look five times as large seen from the moon (in diameter. or 25 times in area.) than the moon looks from the Earth. Earth must in reality look absolutely massive in the lunar sky. How could they have overlooked THAT when faking the moon landing?

Also: Musk just promised to fly two rich guys around the moon in 2018 to deflect attention from his failing subsidized car business. Hope they are Soros and Hillary, to test the effect of van Allen belt radiation on two expendable humans.

Also interesting at end of video: Russian FX guy suspects video of moon rover was made with an RC model and a puppet glued into the seat.


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