Gary Numan as Tubeway Army: Are Friends Electric


Old Minimoog synth rock favorite of mine – 1979 – the 70ies were the decade of rhe MiniMoog and its mighty 24 db/Octave low pass filter…

Gary Numan refers to Philip Dick’s “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep” here, which later got turned into the movie Blade Runner – the novel also got republished under that title. A surprisingly complex movie for a Hollywood production.

Numan at that time developed his own Dick-inspired SF novel framework. All the songs on his first three albums as Tubeway Army are grouped around this theme – in which simulacra or robots impersonate humans; machines hunt humans and such.

Generally great existentialist dystopic fun which turns more and more into reality.

I don’t have a category SF. Hmm. Well isn’t science fiction the same as prophecy. Ok tagged prophecy.


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