Perfect Moments In Life: Warmunists Join Satanic Temple

It’s official. Warmunists, desperate about Donald Trump’s election, join Satanic Temple in droves.

Source: Michael Snyder

“Prior to the election, the Satanic Temple had about 50,000 members, but once Trump won in November registrations and donations started to come in at a staggering pace

At this point, membership in the group is somewhere around 100,000, but it continues to grow every day as their anti-Trump message resonates with young adults.”

And, the Satanic Temple is a staunch supporter of all things Warmunism!

they portray themselves as “justice-oriented atheists” that are promoting LGBT causes, climate change awareness, evolution in public schools and especially abortion rights

Why am I so delighted by this? Well, OBVIOUSLY warmunists have been satanists a.k.a. Frankists all along; now they are also CARD-CARRYING satanists; making everything so much clearer.

Also, while membership in the Satanic Temple does not require you to actually confess belief in a literal being called Satan, you DO get to enjoy BLOOD CULT!

Recently the Los Angeles chapter held a full-blown Satanic mass that included “a live bloodletting ritual

Way to go, warmunist crack users! Way to go!

Tagged “genderism” and “evolution” as well! They’re all united under the tent of the Satanic Temple now! Great branding, guys, just great! Make sure to give Al Gore a free membership! I’m cracking myself up! This way you’ll get the kids to join your atheism I’m sure!


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