Autopiloted Tesla Crashes, Caught On DashCam

GIF video .

at zerohedge

Nobody hurt, luckily.


  • Nothing big. Happens to human drivers all the time.
  • After the crash, the automatic car reacted very well to prevent further damage.
  • Musk though deserves all the damage his company can get: He’s been a leech on American tax money for the Obama years, and consumed 6 billion USD tax money via subsidies. So I feel some Schadenfreude about this.
  • Battery cars deserve to die: Batteries are a factor of 10 heavier than chemical fuels for the energy they store. Rolling fat batteries around is ludicrous.
  • A correct requirement analysis of an electric transportation results in something like an electric train: You exploit the MOBILITY of elictricity.
  • So the FALSE solution battery car can ONLY survive in a communist system (Economic distortion through the will of the Total State).
  • The lunar lander carried… BATTERIES for everything to the moon. They say. (Do you still believe anyone landed on the moon? Think about it. The very FIRST THING engineers would have done would have been to carry hydrogen and a fuel cell instead. No engineer was asked when concocting the Lunar Lander story. The lunar lander story is pure Hollywood scriptwriting. The batteries are a PLOTHOLE.) Oh BTW: According to the official story, no crazy-smart Nazi scientists were involved in the design of the Lunar lander. That was some nondescript NASA bureaucrat whose name I forget. This alleged inventor of landing on a rocket jet also never got famed for his invention of stabilizing a landing vehicle with tiny correction jets. (Manually, by a daredevil-genius American pilot!) Also, his invention never got re-used by the US military for deploying troops on Earth. Also, all plans vanished. And, before the lunar landings, it never was tested successfully. Meaning: That invention never existed.

Sweden, Germany and the USA are building experimental trolley truck lines (overhead wire like a train but on an Autobahn) to get around the batteries. Much better solution.

Sweden has such a line of a few km in place from a container harbor to a cargo centre. Germany has a private experimental line in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, owned by Siemens, and will now implement three 15 km lines on public Autobahn’s across the country to see how the Trolley trucks coexist with normal cars in real life.

Details in the USA evade me now but I think I’ve read something.

The trolley trucks will carry supplementary batteries or a supplementary generator to be able to continue driving when leaving the wire; so they are more flexible than first generation trolley buses. Modern trolley buses carry the same supplementary systems.

This nixes the need for complicated wiring at crossings. Wires just end, you cross on your own power and reconnect to a wire after the crossing. On the Autobahn, the supplementary supply allows leaving the wire for overtaking other vehicles.

It looks less elegant than a sports car-looking “Tesla”. But, it’s MUCH more efficient.


4 thoughts on “Autopiloted Tesla Crashes, Caught On DashCam”

  1. The driver should have been awake at the wheel and looking forward. Had he been alert, he could have easily taken over in time to steer the car to the right. Clearly he wasn’t alert in this instance with his hands on the wheel per Tesla’s instructions.
    It was very short to react and correct. If that is what Tesla automatic drive is, then better drive by yourself, then you are all the time alert and keep you hands on the wheel and are not responsible for the stupidity “the car” does…

    Even next:
    The vehicle theoretically should have detected the upcoming wall and either stopped or freaked out in some way. We don’t know if it started beeping ahead of the collision inside the vehicle since the driver’s story is already suspect.
    What? From the point of view of following car, the line moves slightly to the right and the car in front of you stops suddenly with no apparent reason, blocking the line?? Stopping suddenly for some animals on the road can make you guilty of accident – there was a case in Canada with a girl that stopped for a family of ducks and is now in prison for 2 years or so… and now if the automatic pilot does it without apparent reason at all it is ok? In case of accident who is guilty?


    1. My guess would be, if your autopiloted car suddenly brakes for no apparent reason causing the car behind you to slam into your car,
      a) You’re guilty. Your insurance might pay depending on contract terms.
      b) IF your automatic system is certified for use as unsupervised autopilot, you or your insurance can then sue the maker of the system for redress.
      c) The maker of the system is insured accordingly. Like a Doctor is for malpractice.

      German insurances, when asked whether they have reservations about automated driving, said, nope, we’re fine, contract terms already cover this.


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