Merkel Declares All Illegal Immigrants To Be Germans

Merkel is the chancellor of Germany, female, member of the CDU (which used to be conservative, but today even the Lügenpresse of Germany only speaks of “conservative groups” in that party), ruling together with the social-democrat SPD in a coalition government. In her home province Mecklenburg-Vorpommern she held a speech on Sunday in which she said

Anyone Who Lives in Germany Is a Member of the German People” (Breitbart)

Now. Merkel has at best an IQ of 100; she actually can’t get two coherent sentences in a row. As anyone who ever heard her speak can attest; she’s entirely concentrated on the impression she leaves, not on the logic of what she says. She is incompetent to run a soda stand.

Declaring anyone she has dragged over the open border into Germany to be a member of the people is making a mockery of any constitution. She should know that but she doesn’t.

Another source, in German, from Austria.

I have not seen any reporting from GERMAN media! That’s how tightly controlled the German Lügenpresse now is. They do anything to protect Merkel.

Oh BTW, even a few of the CDU members are outraged. I have written that party off as another globalist / NWO / international-communist outfit so I’m amazed that they still have a few members who can actually parse sentences.

But, even given Merkel’s globalist agenda – hell-bent on erasing all German borders – we can ask: How could she have been THAT stupid? To actually say this? And, how did a person with such a low IQ rise to the top of a party? Because, you don’t just throw out such anti-constitutional idiocy if you’re the leader of a country. Under normal circumstances.

I mean this is Obama-grade stupidity. You know how Obama speaks when the Teleprompter Twins are malfunctioning…

She was lifted into this position because she does the bidding of the powers behind her. Who are these powers?

Her government sent the Clinton foundation 5 million USD last year “to plant trees in India”… which the Clinton foundation surely and dutifully used exactly for the “intended” purpose I’m sure and not to pay some campaign expenses…

Well. Clinton’s gone, the Clinton/NeoCon holdouts in the CIA are as isolated as their creation ISIS in Mosul, and I hear rumours there’s a price on the head of Soros…

…so I would think, Merkel’s days as a figurehead are very numbered. Can’t happen a day to soon.

Maybe she’s in panic already so she starts slipping up. Great.


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