Booze And Government Propaganda : German Carnival

More pictures, all pounding any anti-Globalist you can find. It’s so embarrassing.

Photos at zerohedge

More against Trump; they have one Putin figure as Trump’s buddy – remember how shortly before Trump got elected Putin was SATAN for murdering the poor Syrians? Well that didn’t last long. Which reminds us that ISIS is now in the distant past – the Neocon holdouts in the CIA fight their last stand and have no more time or power to support their buddies at ISIS with air dropped weapons.

Globalism is dying and the German regime and its embarassing propaganda at this Carneval is a sign of the death throes.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t at any Carneval event: It’s for the obedient brainwashed obviously.

And again: What goes and what doesn’t at the Carneval is determined by the Old Parties: the Marxist SPD and the cryptomarxist CDU.


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