Keeping Track: 5 Weeks In – 1500 Pedophiles Arrested Under Trump

Just to keep track. And, German regime flings shit at Trump.

So while Trump keeps purging pedophiles  and hopefully works himself up to the top swamp creatures… (while the swamp creatures at the MSM stay silent. Probably wiping their harddisks as we speak. (Just kidding, they wouldn’t know how to start with that))

…the state-controlled German carnival (the committees of the Karnevalsvereine are chock full with Old Party members from SPD and CDU) show Trump as rapist of the statue of liberty, and then statue of liberty beheading Trump. Photos. Plus, Le Pen, Wilders and Trump as new Hitlers.

Again, this is Old Party controlled propaganda posing as satire. The Old parties are living in an upside down world, their members have their brains screwed in the wrong way, they confuse evil with good and they try to destroy Trump which would help the pedophile gangs who have wormed themselves into the regimes of the West. How many of the Old Party members in Germany themselves are already members of the pedophile rings themselves, who knows.

Maybe that is the reason they are screaming like mad.

The maker of the figures depicting Trump as rapist says, the depiction is intentionally harsh because the danger is so great. Well I guess the danger that the pedophile ring he is a member of gets busted next – never underestimate the DEPRAVITY the Left develops once they think they got it made.

Consider this. WHY does a person fight a democratically elected ruler who enforces the rule of law? Obviously because that person does not LIKE the rule of law. Now insert for “person” – “member of one of the Old Parties of Germany” – or in short: “Marxist”.

So I’m ALL GIDDY about this. This is WONDERFUL.

NOTE TO SELF: Blog about Fourier’s PHALANX with its proposed 1680 members of different genders. The oldest genderist documentation I could find for now. They’ve been crazy for a long long time.



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