General Theory Of Funding Confirmed: Gravy Waves Discovered

I had to take this from the following video, it’s so good. (cudos to Wal Thornhill)

About Einstein, relativity theory, alleged discovery of gravitational waves.

BTW, Newton just inserted into Kepler’s laws of motions and came up with his equation.(after busying himself with alchemy i.e. the fabrication of Gold from other materials his entire previous life.)

Kepler and Newton correctly describe gravity as working instantaneously, astronomers to this day must assume this to correctly predict positions of planets and stars. This is of course faster than light information exchange but without it, all star systems would immediately fall apart.

Kepler and Newton never even considered a speed limit for this information exchange.

Einstein then confabulates a mythical curvature of space into a nondescript dimension that is never mentioned again, explaining the same instantaneous information exchange by evading calling it that. Even more ludicrously, the curvature of space works instantaneously – obviously this requires an ABSOLUTE time axis – which shouldn’t exist in the Einstein universe – while “ripples in the curvature of space time” caused by “collision of black holes” sluggishly travel with light speed. WHHHAAAAAAT?

Relativity Theory is the modern equivalent of the Talmudic transfer of your sins to a chicken that someone waves over your head.

I don’t think any physicist even uses Einstein equations – they have long been supplanted by Kaluza, Kaluza-Klein, then string theory and then M theory. (Pauli refused Einstein relativity and collaborated on Kaluza-Klein). Nordström should be mentioned while we mention Kaluza. And, Nordström and Kaluza were working in Goettingen at the same time as Einstein on uniting Maxwell with relativity (which Lorenz and Poincaré started on before Einstein).

Also, you actually can’t use Einstein equations to describe any real world. The superposition principle doesn’t apply so no configuration with more than one body can even be calculated. Also, what is “ONE BODY”? Is the Earth one body? That is an entirely arbitrary abstraction.

But, you can write computer simulations using discrete time steps and an arbitrarily (im)precise spatial grid to approximate it, can’t you? Well good luck with that, you’ll be orders of magnitudes more into fantasy land than the warmunist crackpots with their fraudulent climate models then.

So it’s pretty amazing how Einstein keeps getting advertised. Another point, Einstein promoted Zionism i.e. a nation for Jews while promoting at the same time international communism i.e. the destruction of all nations for non-Jews. Nobody in the MSM ever called him out on that, what an amazing surprise.

And, they always call this promoter of the Zionist state and the NWO a PACIFIST – not a Trotzkist, which would describe him much better.


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