Countries Ranked By Size Of Marxist Sector

Every cent of tax money they steal from you goes into the pockets of the Marxists who work for the government and into their madcap projects – explaining the collapse of growth over the past decades. Zerohedge has a GREAT ranking:


Germany is 18th worst, taking 57% of my money. (I, like any professional in the West, pay the top tax rate with the last Euro of my wage.)

I think the authors do a fine job of estimating the effects of progressive income tax, payroll tax and consumption taxes. Very helpful list, especially should I have to leave Germany if Jihad devours it. Well just kidding, I know where the Jihad is and it’s about 330 km west from here. I worked there for 5 months. Oh and 200 km to the North. And… 300 to the East… and that’s about it. We’re good for the time being.

Sweden is Number 1, taking 75% of your money. USA, “only” 48%.

Now why do I keep banging on about the Marxist sector, erroneously referred to as the PUBLIC sector. Which it is not. WE are the public – not the cronies who cream us off.

Imagine just HOW MANY entirely useless and HARMFUL parasites the West has produced: All those government “scientists” CONSTANTLY telling you that you are destroying the planet; all those gender professors telling you that you should have your son turned into a daughter; or vice versa; before puberty sets in; all those sociologists telling you that you should have MORE Marxism a.k.a. Social Justice a.k.a redistribution¬† and on and on and on.

All of these people should be shipped to the wilderness and left to fend for themselves.

Where’s GREECE? 53%!!!! After all that BRUTAL austerity – which in practice just meant, increase taxes, they are still 4 percent point LESS Marxist than Germany!!!! That’s a surprise!

What this does is creaming off the surplus a society produces and re-investing it in fraudulent projects. Think the next marginally better, twice as expensive military helicopter for starters, or electricity production marketed as GREEN when all it is is electricity for 10 times the price – and the according waste in construction (of wind turbines. For instance.)

Or, creaming off 5 engineers to invest in the “upbringing” of one analphabet Afghan Muslims who claims that he is a child. Which MERKEL’s CDU specializes in.

If you want to be efficient, use the Pareto Law: With 20% of the effort you get 80% of the potential gains. If you want to be inefficient, don’t stop after that!



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