Canada And Germany Have Been Captured By Islam-Loving Marxists


Nothing new. Well the USA as well until they voted Trump into office. But, two new datapoints that make your blood boil.

Exhibit 1:

Of the approx. 1.3 million Muslims the SPD-CDU coalition government of Germany imported since 2015 under MERKEL, 60,000 claim to be unaccompanied minors. (One of them mutilated 4 Chinese tourists in a train near Würzburg. Another one who turns out to be 22 but claimed to be 16 raped and murdered 18 yr old Maria Ladenburger, daughter of a rich lawyer who works for the EU commission and similar NWO types).

Each one of them costs 60,000 EUR (63,000 USD) per year. Giving a cost of about 4 bn EUR per year just for these Muslims who claim to be children.That’s 10% of the entire subsidies that German Energy Communism a.k.a. renewables subsidies costs! Or 50% of what our entire propaganda network a.k.a. state broadcasters cost!

Source: German MSM rag WELT

Exhibit 2: Canada:

This video contrasts the plight of  elderly people with little or no pension to the 1500 loonies-per-month given to each of the 30,000 imported refugees by the government.

Canada has its own energy communism and jacks up electricity cost into madness. They simply call electricity HYDRO in Ontario because it’s pretty much all hydropower. And hydropower is DIRT CHEAP. The ridiculous prices for consumers are of course to subsidize the madcap windturbine schemes of Ontario – same warmunist Marxism as in Germany.

Canadians and Germans ! It is high time you stop voting Marxists into power who impoverish you and give your money to imported Muslims who will use your democracy only to overthrow it and replace it with Shariah, wage a terrorist war against you and turn your countries into copies of Pakistan. Yes, I know that only HALF of the imported Muslims actively work towards that goal. Or some other percentage. 30%? Who cares.

What SHOULD happen is that everyone of you gets MORE  wealthy, not less. And you know why? Because people like I constantly develop new technologies that increase the productivity of our societies.

Whenever you find that you and your people get POORER instead of RICHER – that’s because you have voted MARXIST PARASITES into office. And I explicitly include MERKEL in this. They’re living off the fat of the land. They’re modus operandi is to steal everything you have.

Because – when you have nothing left, communism is achieved.

And that’s their goal. The nominally conservative CDU in Germany is as Marxist as the SPD. They only lie about it.

There’s simply no other reason you should get poorer collectively. We’ve been able to survive in these countries for hundreds or thousands of years. Now, the Marxists are going after you.

(Oh and if you doubt you’re living in a Marxist state just go through the 10 demands in the Communist Manifesto and count how many of them are implemented in your country. For Germany and Canada, it’s 9 out of 10. For the USA? 10 out of 10.)

Now, some might say, meh, it’s RESOURCE DEPLETION that makes us poor. In which case you have never read and understood Julian Simon’s The Ultimate Resource, something you should fix, AND you have never looked at actual RAW MATERIAL PRICES – which are generally in the tank. You have been deluded by the UN propaganda pseudoscience “Limits To Growth” by the Club Of Rome who used fraudulent computer bullshit models made by corrupt government scientists to tell you a big stinking lie as the foundation stone of the false religion of environmentalism, and especially of Warmunism.

To cult deprogram yourself just buy a copy of The Skeptical Environmentalist by the economist professor Bjoern Lomborg, he’s got the data.




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