Old SOROS 60 Minutes Interview Appears

Wrap up by Corbett here, with link to original. Soros describes how he does not care for social consequences of his nation-destroying activity; how he brought CLINTON to HAITI, how he “re-trained” Ukraine military (before first Color Revolution, and later NATO Maidan Putsch); and what exactly he felt when confiscating property from fellow Jews as a kid in Nazi occupied Hungary (hint: nothing. Well probably joy.). THIS is the GREAT PHILANTROPIST behind the “Open Society”! (A term he stole from Popper and perverted: For Popper, the OPENNESS of a society is the openness of social strata including the ruling caste – SOROS redefines it as destruction of borders – obviously for the intent of destabilization as we currently see in Germany. Our borders are still open and the German SPD-CDU government still imports a quarter million “refugees” a year, mostly male, funnily leaving behind women and children, into the German social net. Reports that the German government changed their approach refer only to their WORDS, not their DEEDS. Yes, they started to CLAIM they wanted to get it under control. We will probably wipe out the government BEFORE anything actually changes. Has SOROS payed off our government as well? Everything speaks for it.)


4 thoughts on “Old SOROS 60 Minutes Interview Appears”

  1. I accidentally ran into a minor but interesting case of social engineering. It is strange to see how it worked and the power of the new myth created.

    Throughout the Balkans there is a 1 March folklore custom where people, mostly women get a bracelet made of white and red ribbon, sometime with small attachments, ornaments as an amulet to bring luck.

    The same is happening in Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia countries under different but similar names: Martia in Greece, Martisor in Romania, Martinka in Macedonia and so on.
    The bundles are worn mostly by young girls and then bound to blossom trees.
    Now if you go to Bulgaria somebody did try to introduce an urban myth during the 20th century which changed completely the significance:
    An early 20th-century Bulgarian story relates the first Martenitsi to the 7th-century Battle of Ongal between the Bulgar Khan Asparuh and the Byzantines, which resulted in a decisive Bulgar victory. After the battle, the Bulgar Khan sent eagles with white threads to announce the victory to his main camp. The threads turned bloody during the flight, thus creating the first Martenitsa.

    While it is clear no romanian, macedonian, greek, albanian or whatsoever would celebrate a bulgarian victory and create such a tradition throughout the Balkans it is fascinating to see how easily such change in significance and story tale can happen and how persistent it is mentioned.


    1. Sorry for this OT post – it was related to the conversation about Plato’s republic and myth creation, with a minor modern example. If nowadays such is possible, much more was possible 2000 years ago.


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