Murdoch-owned FOX Plasters Internet With Anti-Trump Fake News

to promote a horror film production.

Source at Breitbart

The film studio 20th century FOX is owned by Murdoch just like FOX News is. Via several intermediaries all called FOX something: wikipedia, wikipedia, wikipedia for the exact connections.

Murdoch is a CFR member. The CFR is an imperialistic One-World-government promoter and one of the round table groups formed by Milner, who implemented Cecil Rhodes’ will to form a secret society to create a world empire. The other round table groups are the Fabian Chatham House in UK and the Bilderbergers in Europe.

CFR and Bilderbergers are controlled by David Rockefeller and his goon Kissinger. Whether Chatham House is as well I don’t know.

Paying for a FOX product, whether entertainment or news (is there a difference?), helps the One World Government movement.

You thought Megyn Kelly was the problem? No. She was a symptom.


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