Psychologists Imply: Global Warming Causes Leftist Street Terrorism

Psychology joining the ranks of what has become of climate science, becoming a simple meal ticket for idiots too lazy for work and too stupid for crime:


In what seems like a nod to violent protesters like the unhinged left-wing rioters who recently attacked Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley, Iowa State University scientists have published an analysis that claims global warming is the root cause behind the increase in violence we’re witnessing right now across society.

That sounded intriguing so I followed the link to the abstract. And lo and behold:

What you may not have considered, however, are some of the subtler psychological and social consequences of rapid climate change — including aggression and violent conflict. A growing body of evidence shows that rapid global warming can (and is) increasing violent behavior in three different ways. When people get uncomfortably hot, their tempers, irritability, and likelihood of physical aggression and violence increase.

How did they test?

For some, the room they sat in was a comfortable temperature (e.g., 75o F). For others, the room was particularly cold (e.g., 57o F) or hot (e.g., 97o F), and participants themselves indicated that these rooms were quite uncomfortable.

So. They used a range of 40 deg F… I guess that’s  about 20 deg C. Now warmunist scientists claim that a rise of “Global Average Temperature” from 2960 to 2100 by 2 deg C would be absolutely catastrophic… and even after all their manipulations they can still only show a fraction of a degree since 1960.

And… the Berkeley riots happened in Winter! One SHUDDERS at the prospect of what will happen in SOCAL summer! Americans! Leave SOCAL now or be devoured by the Antifa Zombie Apocalypse! They can’t help it! The Global Warming is turning them into mindless monsters! Psychologists say!

Two thoughts:

  • Taking off the Ski masks might help them stay cool enough to stay human.
  • We have now identified the cause of Leftism. It is NOT brain damage; but simply  the wrong clothing. Which gives us hope that Leftism can be cured.


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