Bill Kristol Wants White Working Class Wiped Out

This is funny because Bill Kristol *LOVES IT* when the American white working class gives their money AND their lifes to fight for his homeland ISRAEL.

Here he demands the replacement of white workers with immigrants.

Bill Kristol is a US-Israeli double citizen, a Neocon AND one of the fathers of the PNAC project, Project For A New American Century, otherwise known as “7 countries in 5 years”, a plan to wage war against 7 countries, that incidentally ISRAEL saw as a threat. The plan was mostly executed and is still ongoing as the USA still has regular soldiers in some of them and special forces in all of them.

Neocon is a deliberate misnomer just as PNAC is: There is nothing conservative in a Neocon and there’s nothing American in PNAC. And there’s nothing IN it for America in PNAC.

Let’s see whether their damaging influence can pervert the Trump administration as well – and continue the destruction of the Middle East. They all kept their jobs under Obama – one of the reasons for the utter destruction of the Democrat Party.

As ISIS is switched off now and all the Jihadis are calling in sick, we definitely are entering a new phase.

Will we see more or less slaughter?


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