1865: Mendel Discovers Genetic Rules, Is Consequently Ignored for 35 Years

Silesian abbot Mendel published in 1865, describing dominant and recessive genes – which he discovered with plant cultivation experiments. His discovery is consequently ignored for 35 years.

source: wiki

In the meantime, Darwin speculates about Pangenesis, saying that every organ of the body sends some gene particles to the reproductive organs – resulting in an averaging of all respective visible properties of father and mother in the offspring.

Why would Mendel be so ignored in spite of the fact he had all the evidence?

His discovery throws a huge wrench into the idea that selection drives evolution to higher developed species. Selection can only work on the expressed, not on the hidden. Recessive genes make the work of selection next to impossible.

So you can imagine that the biologists of the day, having discovered Darwin as the perfect explanation for a godless automatic creation, hated the idea that it is much more complicated than that. Ignoring Mendel made their job of confabulating a Darwinian tree of evolution so much easier. Fossils would be lined up, books written, careers made.

Ignoring Mendel had profound implications on Eugenics. Francis Galton, the developer of the idea, and his cousin Charles Darwin, both members of the “billionaire” caste of the day (the Darwin clan earned fortunes with pottery factories – an important industry before the invention of plastic containers), feared that their elite genes would perish – through averaging – in a swamp of (mostly Irish) degenerates over time (so the clan proceeded to marry cousins).

And of course, wiping out some of the degenerates would delay this inevitable reversion to the mean. Enter the engineered potatoe famine of 1845 – an early Holodomor wiping out 5 million.

The potatoe blight affected all of the continent before it reached Ireland. The English knew it was coming. It didn’t cause any famine except in Ireland. The English simply told the Irish, you pay the rent for your country that we own in everything you produce, and you can keep the potatoes. And that’s why during the entire famine ships with meat and wheat and whatnot harvested by the starving Irish supplied the English with all the Delikatessen they could possibly want.

Granted, that was 20 years before Mendel’s discovery. But, attempts at cultivating humans proceeded nevertheless, of course two examples that immediately come to mind are Stalin and Margaret Sanger. Stalins attempts at murdering all the intelligent never resulted in a stupid slave race: First, he didn’t murder nearly enough women; and second, because men AND women can carry recessive high IQ genes but NOT EXPRESS THEM the ranks of the intelligent get replenished after the purges have subsided.

If you follow Darwin’s idea of an averaging of properties, this cannot happen. Men express a higher IQ variance than women: The averaging hypothesis would predict that after murdering the 15% of men with genius level IQ, (to offset these, there are 15% of men with idiot level IQ) – your job should be done. (only 1% of women express genius level IQ – and only 1% idiot level). There should never be geniuses emerging anymore.

So Stalin’s selection was RATIONAL if you assume he believed in genetic averaging. In reality it couldn’t succeed and it didn’t.

It didn’t help that he murdered all the geneticists.

Oh and why would communists want to murder the intelligent? Well, they’re the bourgeousie, in other words, the wealthy, the successful. It’s what Klassenkampf is all about.

The idea was and is to wipe them out and live happily ever after surrounded by stupid oxen-like creatures – the New Man.

P.S.: To this day I have never heard an explanation by an evolutionist how selection drives evolution when it can’t access the information it is supposed to work on – the hidden recessive genes. It is simply assumed that it works nevertheless through strength by numbers, through sheer exhaustion of possibilities. I know of no simulations that show this – but then, I also know of no simulations that demonstrate creation of new complex subsystems. Dawkins’ computer simulations are silly toys demonstrating nothing – just helping him to sell his books and be celebrated by people who couldn’t program a computer if their life depended on it.


One thought on “1865: Mendel Discovers Genetic Rules, Is Consequently Ignored for 35 Years”

  1. It isn’t just the general genetics here, too. Way back when, there was the dogma that things went DNA->RNA-protein, with one gene encoding one protein. In the real world, there is more than one set of genetic codes and it is DNA => RNA and RNA => DNA with both modulated by proteins such that a better description is one gene family => one protein family. As noted the genotype to phenotype mapping is not 1 to 1, and never has been, I say.


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