Yahwism And Its Polytheistic Origins

After being pointed to Russell Gmirkin’s thesis that the Septuagint was created in 270 BC in Alexandria as the first definitive compilation of a Israelite National Literature – written in Greek, the Lingua Franca of the day, to advertise the claims of the Israelite powers in the Greek Empire – I went on scouring lectures and videos to find out more.

Basis for my search was the terms “Yahweh Asherah”; as the origins of Yahwism must be found in days when he was the chief god of a polytheistic pantheon, when he had a wife “Asherah”.

I found the weirdest things, like a German state TV production that mentions lots of the connections yet constantly cuts back and forth to an interview with a cringeworthy  German Lutheran state church top functionaire who tries to claim Asherah shows the female side of Yahweh. What?

Note: Germany has state TV and state churches. German government does not officially control them but just forces us to throw tons money at them. They are a sort of companies with special rights.

But, we have videos that waste less of our time and simply point out the facts. Less shiny distraction (I *HATE* the History Channel style that adds a WOOOSH noise every time the camera pans. What sort of mutant doofus invented *THAT*?)

Pagan Origins of Judaism

Importantly, the video points out that Yahwism replaces side-deities with humans when telling its stories; for the first time shifting emphasis from gods to individuals. Or rather, shifting it *BACK* because I think that’s where it all began in the first place: Nordic gods like Odin or Thor are, after all, simply glorified Men Of Yore, and their stories are stories within a family or tribe.


One thought on “Yahwism And Its Polytheistic Origins”

  1. Man, I really opened a can of worms here.
    a) Folk religion in Palestine had little to do with Jahwism, as archeologists find altars and figurines all over the place. Jahwism was the elite project, with little penetration into the populace:

    b) Monotheists in the understanding of the time didn’t even deny existence of other gods: those were just the gods of other tribes. Rather monotheists believed that THEIR tribe had only ONE god. And, Bible verses that say exactly that:


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