SWATTING By Facebook In Germany

This just happened; a few days ago 450 police stormed two flats in Goettingen, Lower Saxony, to snatch two “islamist” “Gefaehrder” (ppl assumed to be potential Jihadists; the word roughly translates to “threats”).

Being on a roll, they yesterday stormed another flat in small town Gifhorn north of Braunschweig, also Lower Saxony. Because that 41 yr old guy seemed to have a Facebook profile

glorifying ISIS, and showing a masked man brandishing a pistol.

Well turns out the guy doesn’t even have Internet and the Facebook profile was forged by someone unknown, state media report.

File this under “things so complicated only the Total State can do it”.

Thanks for wasting my tax money, idiots.

The victim of the SWATTING is a small time thug and drug peddler, so we can assume a business disagreement in drug dealer circles as reason for the swatting. Actually this looks like drug dealers using the Total State to scare the competition.

Also, German regime is obviously HYPER NERVOUS. They’re shitting bricks and send armies of police snipers on the flimsiest hint of Jihad preparations.


Also, “the man has a claim on replacement of the demolished door.” state media report.



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