Muslim Migrants Losing Their Wives

So you pay 20k USD for a multi country trafficking into the West, successfully get embedded into Germany’s welfare system, and even get to drag the wife and possibly kids after you into the paradise that the hated White Males have created.

Only to see her file for divorce in a heartbeat because, yeah, she can.

And she never could in Syria because, social norms. But she always wanted to because it wasn’t her idea to marry you in the first place. Too funny.

And, never call them “refugees”. You have to escape from a war zone yet that war zone is comfortable enough to leave behind the weakest? Really?

Most of them are not refugees but Hijra colonizers. Can’t wait to see their birth rate in the West drop like a stone. That would postpone Shariah Law in Germany.

We should BTW prohibit women from voting. Women vote to open the gates for “poor” young males “escaping” from Muslim countries. Western democracies will not survive as long as women vote to replace White Males with Muslim males. Sorry, you might dream of becoming a Harem sex slave, you can travel to Turkey or Saudi Arabia; but we can’t tolerate you voting for the Islamisation of our countries. I fully respect your desire for black or Arab cock. Just leave the country instead of voting here. And have fun.

When did women get the right to vote in the West? Ca. 1933, in all kinds of countries.

The mass importation of Third World Types started ca. 1965. Since that time, growth rates are dropping, IQ is dropping, the Western countries are turning into multicultural violence zones.

This will end in the destruction of Western culture. Pockets will survive: probably not as democracies. Or as limited democracies of only men voting. A return to Mazzini-type ethnically more or less pure states – these small remnants of Western culture will then immediately surpass all multicultural shithole empires by far in technological development – because resource waste and parasitism will be eliminated. Quasi-Apartheid states like Singapore are a weak flavor of this. Singapur has segregated living quarters for Muslims and others.

The separation by walls, checkpoints, different road systems of Israel and West Bank is another example. Gone are the days where Palestinians went to work in Israel daily by their thousands – as they did in the 1970ies. An inevitable shakeout. Interestingly, This separation started after the Labour Zionists went up in smoke as hyperinflation struck. Since that time: Likud (Messianic Zionism, rightwing), efficiency through segregation.

Is this DESIRABLE? Well, I would prefer a homogenous nation. But when I can’t have one because a ruling caste decides I won’t have one, I’d rather have as much segregation as I can get, in the interest of my own survival.

As a DEMOCRATIC nation requires a DEMOS, and a multicultural hodgepodge isn’t one, a MULTICULTURAL AND DEMOCRATIC nation is a mirage anyway and cannot be stable. Look to Lebanon as a result.

Whether the Zionists created this state of affairs in Lebanon intentionally – through their 1980 war and occupation, and whether they now promote it intentionally for Europe (see the famous Barbara Lerner-Spectre interview), well. In my opinion, not REALLY up for debate but pretty much a given. Note that the same zionists who proudly proclaim Israel to be a Jewish state will always demand Europe take in more Arab refugees. Divide and conquer. There was a diary of some Israeli top politician who described the creation of Muslim vs Christian conflict in Lebanon as intentional; a book was written about it by I think the daughter of that politician. But, I got that somewhere in my notes, too lazy to look for it now.

And. How does Israel avoid being overrun by Somali refugees? Simple. A big old border fence all along the Negev.

The same German politicians from the CDU criticizing Trump for his border wall to Mexico have NEVER EVER criticized Israel for their ages-old border fence – WAY older than their segregation walls to the West Bank or Gaza.

All of this bickering is not based on a morality: it is situational power struggles only. The Western regimes are so far down the drain they have no logical basis or rationality or morality for any of their statements anymore. They just try to survive the next day.



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