Islamisation Of Germany: Current Data

MSM in Germany never mention current data; but Seehofer, head of CSU, mentioned it and got reported. 12,000 a month seep in over the open border. (source) Add to this the normal growth of Muslim population in Germany through births;

in the past the number of Muslims has doubled once in 30 years; we should have 6 million now; so we got an exponential curve that adds on average 200,000 a year – but, at the beginning of the beginning 30 yr interval half of what it adds at the end, so let’s say currently 150,000 a year (too lazy to do an actual computation), and altogether we have 300,000 more Muslims a year at the moment.

Wait, there’s still 100,000 a year currently coming in via “family reunion”, so that’s 400,000 Muslims a year.

So currently the immigration is even bigger than the natural growth of Muslim population.

I used to prognosticate Sharia Law in Germany (by democratic overthrow of the old order) in 2130 but given the decision of our government parties SPD+CDU to import massive amounts of Muslims a prediction becomes difficult, BUT now of course it will be way earlier; assuming a constant 400k a year, which is the most optimistic scenario, and about 35 million heads to go before Islamic majority, – and a constant reduction of the number of Germans at the same time, keeping population total constant – that’s 90 years; 2107;

Assuming exponential growth with the aforementioned speed from now, maybe 80 years, 2097.

Long before that we can expect islamic revolts in parts of the country, especially in NRW, where things are pretty much out of control now.

Also, unpredictability of the existing political caste can move the date towards the present at any given time. MERKEL imported Muslims at a speed of 300,000 a month or 3.6 million a year from SEPT to DEC 2015. We can expect repeats, but they are impossible to quantify. Consider my estimates best cases.

File this under devolution, globalism.

As to Muslims dropping out of Islam once they reach the West: Expect about 15%; that’s what the UK has found out. I didn’t include such a drop-off rate in the numbers above. As the timing is too uncertain anyway.

Does all of this sound pessimistic? Oh yes. We will need a national state for Whites that keeps Islam out to survive. It will probably not be Germany. Will German culture survive in Germany? Only in geographical pockets or in private rooms. The ruling caste demands that Islam be present everywhere: You cannot legally found a settlement that keeps Muslims out.

Why would I want to keep Muslims out of my surroundings? Simple. To keep Jihad out. Where there are Muslims, there is Jihad. You like Jihad? Well be my guest, come to Germany as it exists now.

Will we need to wipe out the existing ruling class (SPD+CDU+Linke+Greens+FDP – all of which proclaim their love to Islam)? Yes.


One thought on “Islamisation Of Germany: Current Data”

  1. “Demography is destiny”
    A number of countries are in line for serious change with respect to population issues, even without the Islamic problems.
    Yet, the local university near me (in the USA) does not have anyone on staff with an interest in demography.

    Note there is an interesting feud regarding these issues as California and a few other places intend to circumvent the laws of the U.S. and set themselves up as “Sanctuary Areas” and follow procedures that shelter illegal immigrants.


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