Warmunist Scientists Forge Study, Ordered By Holdren

Holdren, scientific advisor of Obama, ordered in 2015 to exaggerate speed of Global Warming for the international Paris conference.

Chief of the study at NOAA, Karl, selected bad quality ship thermometer data to achieve the goal and threw out high quality buoy data which didn’t show the warming, to fulfill the demand of the Obama government.


And even more details plus chart porn at


The warmunists needed this forgery to contradict the correct observation that Global Warming had stopped for 17 years, which completely proves the climate computer models to be fraudulent.

While many brainwashed idiots still believe in the man-made false religion of Global Warming, the coming years will present the real life challenge of keeping warm to the same idiots. Caused by the worsening collapse of the solar magnetic field. Smalltime warmunist idiots! Google Svensmark, Jasper Kirkby, CLOUD experiment at CERN. Also, Little Ice Age, Maunder minimum, Dalton minimum, Wolf minimum.

Smalltime warmunist followers! You’ve been sold a bill of goods at your state schools.

What, you thought the government employee teachers knew anything about science?



Holdren of course was the human-hating creep behind the book EcoScience, demanding mass abortions to reduce number of humans, together with fellow Ur-creep Paul Ehrlich (Jew. “Population Bomb”. Many false predictions.).


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