FAKE NEWS From The Western MSM

Nice video compilation of new and old CNN (and others) FAKE NEWS productions.

And BuzzFeed gets sued by a Russian they defamed with their TRUMP-defaming Fake News Golden Shower dossier. Wonderful. Gawker them, Aleksej, gawker them.

Channel: HighImpactFlix ; length 11 min.

The outrage campaign of the Western MSM accusing us of “Fake News” follows Lenin’s old advice: Accuse your enemy of your own biggest crime.

This is not PROJECTION: It is strategic. The people at CNN etc. are professionals. They know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. They also consciously take the losses into account and will sacrifice their outlets for their agenda if forced to: they have deep-pocketed backers that call the shots.

They are not the only ones in the game though. Breitbart is backed by the hedge fund billionaire Mercer. Like Peter Thiel, the slayer of Gawker: our side has its sugardaddies too.

And we don’t have to lie.




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