EU Kommissars Make Deal With Postapocalyptic Libya

After eagerly destroying Libya at CLINTON’s command, – to get their hands on 144 tons of Libyan Gold bunkered in London – the unelected EU Kommissars now seem to have made a deal with whatever tribe currently controls the territory formerly called Libya.

Now understand, the Kommissars were never bothered by millions of Arabs and Negroes invading Europe; MERKEL even invited them in mid 2015, promising to take in UNLIMITED amounts of “refugees”. (Single males are *NOT* refugees: Leaving behind your family and children in a war-torn area is not what refugees would do. These are ANCHOR KIDS sent to later drag their families in via FAMILY REUNION; or finance their family at home with remittances earned through social security, crime or work remittances. At least 80% of what arrives in Germany are single males, usually in their 20ies, a lot claiming to be underage when they are not.)

(Merkel’s party, the CDU, still refuses to define an upper limit for annual invasion.)

The reason the Kommissars and MERKEL wanted the invasion are mysterious, but candidates are:

  • pumping up the sagging population to save the debt money system which suffers a deflationary collapse if it fails to grow. And deflation ruins the DEBTOR – which is the European half-socialist state a.k.a. the welfare state.
  • preventing demographic collapse. This is an unlikely reason: Whether you finance kids or old people is not much of a difference in cost. This alone would not collapse economies; populations *CAN* gracefully shrink – after all, there’s more and more STUFF to go around for the remaining heirs.
  • fulfilling the KALERGI plan. The WARBURG (Jew)-financed founder of the PAN-EUROPA movement, COUDENHOUVE-KALERGI (freemason), demanded in his 1923 book PRAKTISCHER IDEALISMUS the creation of a “eurasian-negroid race” to replace the white European; this helote race of low IQ would then be lorded over by the “natural intellectual caste” of Europe, the, you guessed it, Jews. KALERGI also calls them the GEISTESARISTOKRATIE (intellectual aristocracy.). No kidding, that’s what the book says, it can’t be bought in Germany but I found a PDF. Well, a Jew payed for it. And Freemasons want to rebuild… THE TEMPLE… Solomon’s, that is.
  • KALERGI BTW was first recipient of the top award of the EU, the Charlemagne price. So he’s NOT a fringe figure but recognized by the Kommissars as the inventor. He also had the idea of using Beethoven as the hymn of the EU. “Ode an die Freude”; well more like “Ode an den Genozid.” KALERGI was an anti-white eugenicist, claiming that mixed race people were superior to pure-bred people. You guessed it – he was a Austrian-Dutch-Japanese mongrel himself.
  • maybe the CLINTON-CIA machine had some dirt about the Kommissars.

Well anyway. BLACK PIGEON correctly analyses that the coming shutdown of the Libyan coast as a migration route is NOT caused by genuine concern of the Kommissars over the invasion of Europe but rather – it is to fight rising POPULISM i.e. the will of the people which threatens to wipe out the Eurocrat caste altogether. And – they say so themselves!

Of course we all hope that the EU – which is modeled in its structure EXACTLY like the institutions of the USSR – will be killed off anyway. Due to coming debt collapse of France or Italy or something else. And, TRUMP will likely do it for us with a little bit of economic pressure, pushing the EU over the cliff. Go Trump!

As to the imminent collapse of the EURO together with the destruction of the EU. I’m prepared, I’m in Gold; that might be the day I get me a house on the cheap. Payed in cash. Can’t wait.

Germany is likely prepared as well and probably has warehouses full of New Deutsche Mark somewhere. But, politicians will ALWAYS use such a change for at least a factor 2 devaluation. Because they need to devalue the debt that the state holds. We’ll see bargain basement prices measured in Gold or other hard assets.

As to the Libyan Gold: it allegedly never changed place and still waits in London to go back to Libya once the tribe that runs the territory now fulfills 23 conditions, i.e. NEVER.

It was probably used to pay off Chavez – who got his 138 tons a month after. In physical form.

Maduro shipped it to China later to buy some Caviar or something I think. Ah communism, isn’t it grand.



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