Warmunism Is Communism Plus Genocide, UN Official Admits

Figueres is the offspring of a popular elected leader of Costa Rica. She and her brother though proved to be  just good enough to be installed as unelected UN bureaucrats.

In a meeting with Martin Armstrong, she, assuming Armstrong was sympathetic to the ideas of the UN, admitted:

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.”

and more: zerohedge

The UN was founded as a war organisation in 1942 in El Presidio Military Base in SF, with 5 nations as founding members: The communists FDR and Stalin, then Churchill, National China and another one, maybe France, I don’t remember.

What, FDR was a communist? Well sure. In 1934, one year after his election, when the HOLODOMOR was raging and 7 million Christian Ukrainians were intentionally starved to death by Stalin and his Jewish Bolshevist Kaganevich – about which the Jewish-owned NYT lied – FDR *RECOGNIZED* the USSR – as the first nation to do so. Yes you read that right: 17 years after the illegal overthrow of the elected social-democrat St Petersburg government which had replaced the Czar, Trotzki (a.k.a. Lev Tzvi Bronstein, jewish) violently overthrew that government in the October revolution – so the communist government of the USSR was *NEVER* a legitimate government. A full 17 years after this ISIS-style operation and the ensuing 5 year civil war – killing 5 million (Christian Russians)- the USSR was on the ropes, Stalin and his gang sat on packed suitcases – FDR saved their asses in that crucial moment by recognizing them as legitimate government.

If that doesn’t make FDR a communist I don’t know. Granted he didn’t succeed in installing FULL communism in the USA but then he died an untimely death after having himself declared perpetual war president…

So the UN was mostly dominated by the idea of world communism back then. In 1945 they morphed into the UN we know, still having in their charta the definition of the Axis (full name, seldom mentioned: Anti-KomIntern Alliance, comprising 18 nations, mostly neighbours of the USSR, fearing spread of world communism by means of the terror organization KomIntern) powers Germany and Japan as Enemy States – which we Germans are to this day: Any UN nation can attack us without declaration of war. Legally. Guaranteed by the UN charter.

The later Reese commission BTW found, while examining the archives of the Carnegy and Rockefeller foundations, that these foundations had plotted to bring the US into WW 1 and WW 2, seeing war as easiest way to fundamentally transform society – which worked – with the ultimate goal of uniting the USA with the USSR – exactly what FDR worked on before his death.

Well anyway that’s the backstory of the communist character of the UN.

JFK in 1961 still promoted giving all nukes to the UN to have a world government. Also in 1961, the UN massacred 100,000 people in Katanga – ruining its reputation as a peace force in the West, sending them into shivers. They needed close to a decade to reformulate their strategy. In 1968 they started to roll out the new strategy, with the Club Of Rome’s Limits To Growth report, starting to define “humanity itself as the enemy” (Maurice Strong), WHY? Well because we allegedly destroy the environment.

So over the 1970ies they started to build that anti-human strategy up, noteworthy the genocide-promoting book ECOSCIENCE by Paul Ehrlich and later Obama advisor HOLDREN. (both Jews I think, Ehrlich for sure)

Ehrlich also pushed the scare very early in 1968 with his bestseller population bomb.

They needed a few trials to get the strategy right; when Global Temperatures started their cyclical rise in the end of the 1980ies they had their winner and declared capitalism with its growing, CO2-emitting industry the enemy that needed killed, and are on it to this day.

Of course they only admit it behind closed doors or when they think the mics are off. So Figuere’s admission is one of the few slip ups we get to witness.

Oh and a detail for those who think Ehrlich was right (He wasn’t, he predicted full collapse and famine in 2000): The world population ex Africa has already stopped growing. And we still have plenty of space.

Kazakhstan for instance is as big as the EU. The EU has 550 million, Kazakhstan 18million or so inhabitants. It’s a bit cold in the Winter but hey. Germany is as well. Or Michigan.

P.S.: “Communism Plus Genocide” is a redundancy of course. After a communist power takeover, the Klassenkampf ensues: Which means murdering the intelligent 30% of the population. This is not an unfortunate accident. It can be observed since the French Revolution. Murder all POTENTIAL critics before they overthrow the communist regime – equivalent to “creating the New Man” (by Darwinian selection) – a helot creature so dumb it will serve the Communist Masters without questioning. We should look closer into Moses Hess here, the guy Marx called “My Commmunist Rabbi” to see the confluence with Talmudic Eschatology.

P.P.S.: Neither Darwin nor Marx knew of the plant culturing work of Mendel and his discovery of dominant and recessive genes. That’s why their plan of controlling human nature by wiping out what they deemed undesirable doesn’t work. (And neither does Darwinian evolution): Selection works only on the phenotype, and cannot detect and successfully exterminate the recessive genes, which will bring forth the hated phenotype in the next generations again.

(Yes, Darwin hated the Irish. Eugenics was not just the idea of his cousin Francis Galton; no; Darwin fully agreed that certain rabble needed wiped out, see online edition of the Descent Of Man and just search for Irish.)

And in any case, the communists are just too stupid to do it even halfway right. They generally murder mostly males. The communist genocides in the past were mostly gendercides. Which is kinda what male tyrants LIKE to do but, it just doesn’t really serve the purpose of wiping out certain genes.

The approach Stalin had to scientists was the same he had to the general population: Wipe out the intelligent ones. Ouch… No really. Look into Lysenkoism. Stalin had all the geneticists wiped out. With disastrous consequences for USSR agriculture. Notice, geneticists are not Darwinists and vice versa. Darwin never knew genes.



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