German State TV ZDF Compares TRUMP to HITLER

Every German household is forced to pay 18 EUR something a month to finance the state TV and radio broadcasters ARD and ZDF; amounting to 8 bn EUR a year.

The very leftist, very statist, very job-secure inmates at these institutions are of the opinion that SATIRE may do ANYTHING, being true Charlie Hebdos in spirit.

They NEVER attack Islam; because, hey, they want to live. But, comparing TRUMP to HITLER is what they LOVE to do – after all, TRUMP is threatening to save America as a capitalist nation. Which absolutely infuriates German state TV employees.

Oh and BTW. German Jewish organisations are already screeching; because, diminishment of the Holocaust, they say.  And, they have told the US govt about the video.

The fallout will be amazing. The Merkel government is an SJW government with no will- or brainpower. This will be absolutely beautiful to watch.


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