SHADILAY. Shia LaBoeuf Eternal Livestream Backfires Badly.

The idea of Shia LaBoeuf was to have zombie-like incantations of “He Will Not Divide Us” for four years straight in front of a camera. Problem is, he was too cheap to have the camera guarded by AntiFa thugs 24/7.

So this happened. 2:50 min.

Originally an Italo-disco song, Shadilay is a song made by the Italian artist P.E.P.E in the 80’s.

It was found on a 7′ record with a frog holding a magic wand, with the words ‘ASS. ART. PEPE.’ on the bottom. This record is an example of the wonders of Meme Magic.

Followers of the ancient god Kek, say this term to praise the dark lord.

“Shadilay brothers!”
says the Urban Dictionary. They actually do say followers of the ancient god KEK.
P.S.: why not…

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