Women’s March: Middle Eastern Manipulators Fool Useful Western Idiot Feminists

Rebel Media has this. Women’s March was organized by Linda Sarsour, Muslim, promoter of Shariah Law and Hijab-wearing.

Deception is a key element to certain ideologies stemming from tribal ME. Muslims constantly shapeshift between “Hijab is just a fashion statement” and “My religion demands I wear one” depending on what is useful in the given situation. Truth does not matter – a constant we also find at Alinsky or Adorno’s Critical Theory.  Actually the concept of truth does not exist for these groups. Muslims even call their god “The Greatest Deceiver” – that’s how integral deception is to Islam.

From 7:40 on.

They are eternally warring tribes with no goal of truthseeking: They just seek power.

So, I did notice the feminist hags Madonna and that other crazy woman that Mark Dice marvels at here in total amazement – but I didn’t know that it was all organized by that Shariah-promoter.

Feminists now officially demand to be forced into an ideology of suppression of women. Way to go, idiots.

P.S.: I didn’t watch the following, I just link it because I just found it and Scarlett Johanssen is Jewish. She obviously doesn’t have the slightest problem partaking in that event organized by the Shariah promoter. Now isn’t that weird. But then again George Soros also had no problem sponsoring the event.


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