A Primer On The Black Bloc

Sargon Of Akkad holds a lecture about the origin, history and tactics of The Black Bloc; a scourge that was invented in West Germany ca. 1980, in Berlin and Hamburg.

Hundreds of black clad masked cowards hiding under ski masks and sun glasses, throwing bricks from the cover of anonimity in a uniformed crows – these days also acid, fecal matter, urine and frozen water bottles – and smashing window panes of shop windows. Their goal in the 1980ies was support for the then incarcerated RAF terrorists, a continuation of the terror, and trying to commit as many acts of violence as possible during demonstrations. As a response, the German state developed and deployed the famous water throwers pumping high pressure tear gas laced water into the crowds; who in turn started to use gas masks and tried to set the water throwers ablaze with Molotov Cocktails. These days Molotov Cocktails are no longer used; maybe it’s because of the CO2 emissions.




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