The Cull: Western MSM Cry For The Warmongers At State Dept

German MSM – whether leftist or nominally conservative – cry bitter tears for the State Dept Neocons ousted by Trump.
It’s a sight to behold. Now how do the MSM journalists justify their sorrow for the destroyers of the Middle East and the Ukraine?

Well, it’s a terrible “loss of institutional knowledge” they write!
A German, nominally conservative, paper, WELT:

Do we have the same drivel from US sources? They generally coordinate and strike synchronously. Let’s check Jeff Bezo’s WaPo.

And no, just because NeoCon has Con in its name it’s got nothing to do with conservatism and everything with the NWO.

Maybe they all resigned on their own. Well I guess All Work And No Wanton Destruction Of Nations Play is not their cup of tea then.

Do I defend Islamic or dictatorial regimes like the ones targeted through the US-sponsored Arab Spring and Ukraine Maidan protest? Well sure. Libyans were suppressed under Gaddafhi and they’re being murdered now. I can’t see much of an upside there for anyone. (and it all goes back to Gene Sharp’s Color Revolution playbook: A very cost-efficient way of destroying nations. PNAC etc.)

Those crooks at the State Dept should have never been given the responsibility over a table at a restaurant let alone the foreign policy of a crazy nuclear power, obviously. This is a great day for the World!

And! Trump ends the PNAC (The NeoCon project for a New American Century meaning world hegemony / NWO)! Which is EXACTLY what MAGA stands for! An honest man who accidentally stumbled into the crooked house of politics!  When have we last seen a head of state acting on his promises?

P.S.: Destroyer Of Ukraine, Nuland a.k.a. Nudelman, culled.

As usual the MSM took a pass on reporting this great news and zerohedge had to do it.

So yes: This IS the cull of the NeoCons.

P.P.S.: Seymour Hearsh said in 2016 that Obama, Clinton with Turkey and Saudi agreed on setting up false flag Sarin attack in Syria to blame it on Assad.

SO: Did China, Russia DEMAND that the USA does a house cleaning and remove the CLINTON-CIA-NEOCON machine from power, or else? I mean the way Trump cleans this ship is simply too good to be true.


2 thoughts on “The Cull: Western MSM Cry For The Warmongers At State Dept”

  1. China, et al didn’t have to demand a thing. Americans have been wanting this for years. Ike, for all of his valor and eminence, warned us about things he didn’t try to take on. JFK was a threat to LBJ and what the “New” Left wanted. The backlash began in 1964. It took a while, but Reagan’s election in 1980 marked a wake-up call here. The Empire, of course, struck back. There wasn’t much difference between Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama, except Obama was the most leftist of them all, and he was the most fascist of our presidents, equaling or exceeding FDR and Wilson. The TEA party’s rise was the second wake-up call. Trump’s election, gift of God that it is, took the faith and hard work of millions of Americans toiling behind the scenes and getting over their PC related fears. PC is today’s version of Jim Crow. We didn’t want to take it any more, for our progeny’s liberty was at stake. This fight is over a century old and we have only just begin to fight ;).


    1. Well yes a lot of American citizens wanted it. But, the uniqueness about Trump is that he was allowed to rise up to where he is now. You know, not having a heart attack in the process and so on.


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