Devolution In Iceland

Martin Armstrong reports about dropping IQ in Iceland.

Reports of similar drops come in from across the world. Armstrong blames it on laziness. I find that explanation preposterous. Availability of information has improved over time – this should accelerate the development of mental faculties, not hinder it.

More and more data points confirm that mankind is devolving at a rapid pace.
Putting payed to the notion of automatic up-development a.k.a. evolution through random mutation and selection.
This is confirmation for Dr. Sandfords assertion that EVERY kid gets 200 NEW mutations from his parents plus all the mutations that they had already accumulated. Most of them of course neutral or slightly negative – catastrophic negative mutations destroy the viability of the embryo in the womb already and you get a MISSED ABORTION, the technical term for a pregnancy that stops. 30% of all pregnancies end this way – often the woman doesn’t notice she was pregnant.

This fast and catastrophic collapse of human viability and capability lends new credence to Young Creation myths and the assertion of the Vedas that each YUGA or age has a lesser race of humans.

Our end through simple mutational destruction might be centuries away, not even millenia. Bar a miracle.

Either Creation is young as in –  tens of thousands of years ago – or a paraphysisical process of constant creation stabilizes the genome of higher organisms.

Another possibility, for completeness, is a yet unknown intelligent gene improvement process in the body, similar to the Somatic Hypermutation that the human body uses to develop antibodies.

Simple “evolution” though is leading straight into extinction: Down, Not Up.


3 thoughts on “Devolution In Iceland”

  1. Indeed. God’s created material forms are subject to change. Built into them and into the system is a mechanism that preserves genetic information. God’s life has an insurance policy. Only a directed evolution can go ‘uphill’. That’s either God directly or God indirectly, through His created agents, or both.

    The biggest change God made to man was altering his telomerase such that man’s body no longer has a millenial life-span and man’s rebellion forced it. And the span of a man’s years shall be six-score (120).


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