American Bolshevist

The Bolsheviki of the USSR are known to have murdered approximately 60 million Russian Christians. Two of them migrated to the USA and raised a kid who tries to implement the same program from within US academia.

Noel Ignatiev

For a time, at Harvard. So you really get a lot of entertainment for your 100k USD or whatever you pay for a degree in the USA. At the moment, at Massachusetts College of Art.

I guess that’s where government bureaucrats send their kids to teach them how to murder taxpayers.


1 thought on “American Bolshevist”

  1. Communists are Materialists, and Materialists are Atheists, and Atheists are anti-science destroyers.

    David Berlinski elucidates the problem with (activist) Atheists.

    NOTE – If a person comes by their Atheism honestly, and doesn’t attempt to force it on others, he’s probably not the problem, but he is at risk of becoming a part of it.


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