American Bolshevist

The Bolsheviki of the USSR are known to have murdered approximately 60 million Russian Christians. Two of them migrated to the USA and raised a kid who tries to implement the same program from within US academia.

Noel Ignatiev

For a time, at Harvard. So you really get a lot of entertainment for your 100k USD or whatever you pay for a degree in the USA. At the moment, at Massachusetts College of Art.

I guess that’s where government bureaucrats send their kids to teach them how to murder taxpayers.


One thought on “American Bolshevist”

  1. Communists are Materialists, and Materialists are Atheists, and Atheists are anti-science destroyers.

    David Berlinski elucidates the problem with (activist) Atheists.

    NOTE – If a person comes by their Atheism honestly, and doesn’t attempt to force it on others, he’s probably not the problem, but he is at risk of becoming a part of it.


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