SafeMyPlace: Citizen Alarm App

In light of rampant migrant crime in the Cologne area, famous for the NYE 2015/2016 sex mobs, a local company has developed a smartphone app enabling citizens of the area to notify each other about ongoing violence.

Called SafeMyPlace. Site requires JavaScript.

Seems to be restricted to that area – and personally I currently have no use for it as I am not in one of the crime-laden city centres. Just noting this as a sign of the times; the state has not only failed us but actively fights us – by importing more and more migrants, pressing them into our cities, not actually arresting them when they commit crimes – rather, they get identified and released again, to get a trial months later, if they can then still be found – and, unbeknownst to the public and unreported, most of the times the proceedings just get thrown out for “minor” offenses. Like punching a bystander in the face.

So , no consequences for imported serial criminals – Tunisia and Morocco are more than happy to get rid of THEIR criminals. And actually have public protests against taking any of them back.

Also, by opening the borders to unlimited amounts of Muslim immigrants – as long as they can scream “ASYLUM” – the German state has INVERTED the purpose of a state – which is to protect a geographic area. See Hobbes, Leviathan.

The ruling party CDU (and their indistinguishiable twin SPD) are internationalist DAVOS parties. There’s really no point in voting for them. They are the PAN-EUROPA-movement; PAN-EUROPA in turn the prototype for a one world government.

With the presidency of Trump, the DAVOS-Pan-Europa-movement is now isolated: Neither Russia nor China nor the Trump-USA wants any of it.

Oh BTW, they claim to have border controls to Austria. Well any migrant who claims ASYLUM will be let in and processed nevertheless. And even if he is then rejected there’s only a tiny probability he will ever get actually deported. For instance, after importing a million migrants in 2015, only 30,000 got deported a year after. So it’s pretty much, the moment you set foot in Germany you’re destined to stay here even if you’re a serial criminal. The border controls are a costly exercise in futility only designed to distract the public.

So will this nation perish? Yeah, looks exactly like it. In a huge civil war, deterioration over decades, anarchy, mass rape and all that. With a huge part of the population in cognitive dissonance, hallucinating til they get a good ole kick in the face, while the dying media paints a pretty face on it.



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