Why Do Atheist Messiahs Worship Mass Murderers?

Hitchens, now deleted (atheists cease to exist after their bodies dissolve), was the atheist Messiah. He’s to this day admired by fellow atheists for his wit and sharp tongue when confronting believers of all kinds. They call him part of the “FOUR HORSEMEN”, together

with Dawkins and two other atheists.

While looking into some communist history I stumbled across his wikipedia page. And I’m totally amazed. There’s literally not a communist mass murderer he doesn’t admire. And that’s from the wikipedia – we can safely assume they try to present him in the best possible light.


Makes you wonder: Atheists posit that humans have NOTHING but their physical existence yet they DELIGHT in extinguishing exactly that; if possible millionfold and attempting to break Genghis Khan’s record. There’s something seriously wrong with them.

I mean seriously. They still LIKE this guy. Just watch a few thunderf00t videos.



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