How To Survive Asteroid Impacts

and Global Cataclysms and Global Flood Events:

NASA is currently reorienting their tax money leeching from Warmunism (which Trump will kill) to protecting us from asteroids with a big rocket.

They have Gavin Schmidt sitting in an office in NYC at GISS fabricating a fraudulent temperature history from surface thermometers with homogenization trickery. He continues to cool the past so he can produce the never ending headlines of “warmest year ever!!!”. Thanks, Gavin, it’s -6 to -15 deg C here in Germany, your efforts are appreciated. Hope someone holds this little apparatchik accountable. (for details of Gavin’s trickery google Tony Heller a.k.a Steve Goddard; he’s been tracking the fraud for years.)

Now that warmunism fraud – notice that Gavin of NASA uses *NO* I repeat *NO* satellite data! Because, that’s harder to forge. What’s the difference? Mixing data from 5000 surface thermometers gives you MUCH more leeway in assuming all kinds of varying offsets and calibration issues. Satellites have ONE sensor to measure the microwave emissions of the entire atmosphere, it gets run through a tomography algorithm and there’s just not much you can do to distort it systematically through fraudulent efforts. So that’s why Gavin doesn’t use ANY satellite data! – that warmunist fraud earned NASA 1.2 billion Dollars a year from US government to continue to monitor Global Warming.

So that’s ending now and they will switch to the asteroid impact danger. Which is actually more of an actual danger even if pretty improbable.

So what would you REALLY do to rescue humanity and civilisation over such a dramatic cataclysm? (Google “Younger Dryas Comet” without the quotes, or look for it on youtube. It might be that 12,000 years ago a cometary impact caused the end of ice age glaciation, caused Meltwater Pulse 1A a.k.a. The Flood a.k.a. Plato’s report of the Sinking Of Atlantis; Plato gave the timing pretty accurately.)

I mean something FAR cheaper than NASA’s proposed Big Rocket? – floating colonies. Populate big ships with ecosystems, humans, and technologies that help as seed corn for a re-establishment of civilisation AFTER the continents have been shaken to rubble.

Seasteading at wikipedia

Also Peter Thiel is a big promoter of it. He dreams of a thousand micro nations each running their own variation of government which would give people an actual choice.

For instance the ridiculous incarceration policies of the USA for something as minor as consuming cannabis led one American I worked with to emigrate to Germany. I tried Cannabis and decided it’s got nothing to offer to me that beer doesn’t but a government that jails you for seven years for having some? That’s delegitimization of a government right there. Now the USA is changing that, good for them, it might preserve their government for a little longer.

Having a thousand tiny nations and the ability to switch from one to another would force governments into a competition of actually trying to ATTRACT people. Currently they seem to be in a competition of trying to REPEL us.

Here’s 30 minutes of Peter Thiel about seasteading.

And yeah, Peter Thiel is that gay German billionaire who created PayPal and had his hands in Facebook. And supports Trump. So, an Ayn Randian hero.


One thought on “How To Survive Asteroid Impacts”

  1. Ending the grants for NASA GISS would be a very deserved case.
    Wondering if this money should be redirected to CO2 science, or similar organisations:
    I just stumbled over a post at WUWT referring “Humans, not climate change, wiped out Australian megafauna” and looking in the CO2 concentration from the Antarctica ice core, it struck me to see values of 178.5 ppm.

    If those values are right, as our alarmists insist, then we had cases of CO2 starvation.
    I think it may be more to this point that at first sight. There was another study which analysed why CO2 did not go much lower – the answer was massive negative feedback – plants starve and do not consume CO2 any more.
    Well, but if plants starve what happens to the fauna?


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